About Komi

Komi is your Friendly Discord Bot! Providing useful features such as all-time or monthly leaderboards, meme generation from your avatar, and much more to come!

currently serving 80 users on 8 servers

Setup a montly - or lifetime - leaderboard

With Komi you can setup a leaderboard, either being resetted monthly or not.

Generate funny memes based on your avatar

Komi can generate multiple memes based on your or someone else's avatar between 8 different templates. And if you find a new template that we're not using yet, feel free to propose your idea to us!

Search for an Anime or Manga

You can look for infos about an Anime or Manga with Komi!

And so much to come!

Komi is constantly evolving. We aim to provide more tools in the future. If you have an idea or would like to request a feature that you can't find elsewhere, please let us know on the discord server!